Air Aspiration Smoke Detection

VESDA systems are highly regarded in the fire industry for their ability to provide early warning of potential fire incidents.

Early Detection, Warning and Prompt Response

VESDA, which stands for Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus, is a type of air-sampling smoke detection system widely used in the fire industry. It is known for its high sensitivity in detecting smoke particles at an early stage, allowing for early warning and prompt response to potential fire incidents.

Principle of Operation

VESDA systems operate on the principle of aspirating air from the environment through a network of pipes and sampling holes. The air is drawn into a centralized detection unit, where it passes through a series of filters to remove any dust or contaminants. The clean air then enters a detection chamber, where it is analysed for the presence of smoke particles using laser-based technology.

Laser Detection

VESDA systems use laser diodes and detectors to continuously monitor the air samples for the presence of smoke. The laser emits a beam of light across the detection chamber, and the scattered light is analysed by the detectors. If smoke particles are present, they will scatter the light, triggering an alarm signal.

Sensitivity Levels

VESDA systems are capable of detecting smoke at extremely low concentrations, allowing for early detection even before a visible fire occurs. They typically offer multiple sensitivity levels, allowing users to adjust the detection thresholds based on the specific application and environmental conditions.

Alarm Levels

VESDA systems often provide multiple alarm levels to indicate different stages of smoke presence. These levels can range from pre-alarm warnings, indicating the earliest signs of smoke, to alert or alarm conditions when smoke concentrations exceed the set thresholds. The different alarm levels provide valuable information to help assess the severity and progression of a potential fire event.


VESDA systems are commonly used in various environments where early detection of smoke is critical, such as data centres, telecommunications facilities, server rooms, museums, healthcare facilities, and industrial settings. They are particularly valuable in areas where traditional point-type smoke detectors may not be suitable or effective due to challenging environmental conditions.

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